The first Verdant track was recorded using a delay pedal and a cheap microphone. The pedal fed back into itself and produced low, constant oscillations. The vocals were whispers that came from all directions and overlapped each other, forming an unintelligible mess of accusation and doubt. This was the prototype for what I wanted to work towards: absorbing, captivating power electronics that didn't rely on raw aggression. As time went on, the more abrasive elements worked their way into each track. A whisper might be replaced by a scream, and a drone cut out to make room for feedback. Subtle turned to bellicose like a shoulder rub turns into a snapped neck. After dozens of recordings, the perfect balance has been found. The delicate and the brash work around each other to create complex, riveting atmospheres. The lyrics range from personal, poetic fragments to violent, demanding tirades. Strings, bells, and keys reverberate pleasantly around the assault of distorted sythesizers. Every element in its place, and every track is balanced.